Hello! this is ATtekk information Area

Please, fallow these fallowing rules, on the server:
* Keep language moderately clean
* NOTHING sexual enters chat
* No sexual skins
* No Griefing
* No spamming
* No being a jerk
* Use common sense
* Respect staff

We do not plan, on putting ANY more banned items, on the server. But, as a VERY last-resort, we will have to ban items. D: The only banned item is nukes. we WILL jail you, for a very long time, if you abuse any items.

Our server is currently down. Please, donate, to get us UP again!

TIP: keep clicking our donate link, for us to get money, if you can donate! :D

Please, donate to keep the server running:
EVEN the cheapest package counts!!!!!

Best wishes,