Welcome to DeltaCraft!

Hello! this is Eli_superblocker. I have two servers, that this website is associated with. To make this easy, the FTB server and the Tekkit Lite server are NOT owned by the same people. The Tekkit Lite server, is Owned by these 4 people, with these 4 jobs: "Creep_me" (finance)"Eli_superblocker" (Founder, Plugin/server maininance); "99mastercraft" (economy); "bladesling12" (staff manager). Please, go to the "ATtekk" page, for the Tekkit Lite server information.

For the FTB Direwolf20 server, the server Owner is "delta2dragon", and the server Co-Owner is "Eli_superblocker". Please, go to the "DeltaCraft" page for the server information, on that server. The FTB&Tekkit Lite server forums are the same.

delta2dragon is NOT active, and very inresponsive. The ATtekk server is further in development, than the DeltaCraft server is. Once I contact the DeltaCraft server Owner, I will try to get DeltaCraft going. Thank you very much, for understanding the awkward situation.

best wishes,


Sorry, couldn't make it possible, to put the video, within the website. Click this Button, to watch, how to get the modpack, the server runs on!